Obsessive Cleaning Disorder

Flash Sales

  1. WHY Flash Sales?
    • OCD has two great components – Employees & Customers
      • One of the best ways to keep employees happy is to pay them a respectable rate and fill their (working) availability with cleaning hours.
      • One of the best ways to keep customers happy is to provide them with consistent, high quality cleans at a reasonable rate.
        • OCD has highly competitive regular rates – imagine the Flash Sale savings!
      • “(Happy Employees) + (Happy Customers) = 1 Happy Business”
  2. WHAT are Flash Sales?
    • Flash Sales are very similar to how it sounds. They are sales that appear in a flash and have the potential to disappear in a flash – first come, first served.
    • Flash Sales are discounted interior cleaning rates at 35+% OFF.
      • That’s only $29/hour/employee!!
    • Flash Sales will be very specific in nature (ex. General Clean: Wednesday, April 14th at 9am -  General Clean: Thursday, April 15th 11am)
      • If you are in need of a clean and this specific day/time is convenient for you, you will click the CLAIM button. If you are the first customer to confirm the Flash Sale, you will receive a great OCD cleaning.
  3. WHERE are Flash Sales posted?
    • Flash Sales are simultaneously posted in 3 locations – Facebook, Instagram, and email.
      1. Registration for Flash Sale notifications is required to receive emails
  • WHEN are Flash Sales?
    • Unfortunately, this is not a straight-forward answer.
      • Flash Sales occur to satisfy a scheduling need.
        • A gap in the schedule between cleans
        • Additional employee availability
        • A late notice cancellation
        • A large project was pushed back (ex. Post Construction Clean)
        • etc
      • Flash Sales will be posted AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to satisfy scheduling needs as described above. Will there be 2-3 Flash Sales per day?  Probably not.  Will there only be 2-3 Flash Sales per month?  Again, probably not.   
  1. WHO are Flash Sales for?
    • Everyone
      • Want to “try before you buy”? – Flash Sales are for you
      • Need a clean “sometime soon” but it can be flexible? – Flash Sales are for you
      • Heard great things about OCD from your neighbors? – Flash Sales are for you
      • Need a clean by this Friday or its going to be your job? – Flash Sales are your only hope
      • Need a clean every other Wednesday at 9am, or every Thursday at 11am, or every four weeks on Mondays at 9am? – Flash Sales are probably not for you (unless you are a really lucky person)
        • This type of customer is most likely in need of a recurring cleaning schedule. We would be happy to help you with that here.
  • HOW do I sign-up to receive Flash Sale notifications?
    1. Right on this page. It’s easy.  I hope to hear from you soon.
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